The MySAFE project - or the best place to store values

The MySAFE project - or the best place to store values


Where do you store valuables? Most will say - under the pillow, in a blanket or jar. Of course, everyone has the right to store their values ​​wherever he likes, but if they disappear, then one person will be to blame - the one who kept them wrong. Recently for me this issue has become relevant. I started looking for places where I can save my digital values. It got to the point that I began to think about cloud storage, but then I came across the developing MySAFE project and realized that this is the best place to store things that are dear to me. Let's look at what the creators offer us.
MySAFE is a digital storage that is similar to a safe, only virtual, but has a high degree of protection and has a data encryption function. The product we are considering is still at the stage of creation, but the development of specialists indicates its rapid implementation into reality.
So, what can you store in MySAFE ? Yes, anything, if only it was digitized. It can be documents, pictures, videos, etc. The store is built on Ethereum block technology and has several levels of protection. It really considers it safe, it can not be carried away (as a safe) and it is completely confidential. All data is stored in an encrypted form in the cell of the Ethereum ecosystem.
Nobody except the owner can access data, even the creators of the repository. Yes, they do not need it, because they care not only about the safety of data, but also about their confidentiality. After the introduction of the storage, there will be additional paid services that increase the security of data storage. This can be: a multi-stage process of access to data, backups, insurance against destruction, the ability to share files directly from the storage and additional cells for storage.
How to pay for the service? For payment, the US currency is used - the dollar. This is done in order to avoid the volatility that all crypto-currencies now possess. Price tag though in dollars, but then it is converted into Ethereum, so you can pay even through Metamask. The minimum storage time is 360 days, then, depending on the conditions, the value either goes into the possession of the user, or the contract is extended and the thing is stored for 360 days. If, in the near future, another block will appear, like Ethereum with storage properties, it will be included in the MySAFE project. Also in the future it is planned to introduce payment with the help of crypto-currencies, but this will take time to implement.
Only the owner of the stored files will receive the access key, and no one else will be able to enter his store. Each transaction carried out in the safe will be recorded and stored in the cell. All work in the storage will be carried out through an easy application for the PC. Unfortunately, until access through your mobile device will not work.
Storage. Personally, I recommend using the data insurance service. It allows you not to worry about stored files, even if the storage period is over. In this case, all your files will be sent to you in the mail in encrypted form. If you do not connect this service, you will first receive a letter with a request to extend the storage period, or download the stored files. If there is no response within 5 days, all data will be deleted. I think this is not the best option.
Types of storage. At the moment, developers have three types of safes: steel, gold and titanium. The first type allows you to store data for only one user throughout the year and does not have the function to share files from the repository. The second type of storage allows you to create a three-level data protection, a partial possibility to share files from the storage, the possibility of sharing and a contract for 1 year. The third type of data storage, the most profitable, since it allows you to create all the same three-level protection, share and share without limits. In the future, it is planned to develop storage facilities for the needs of the customer and for certain areas. For example, bank vaults, medical or educational institutions.
Conclusion. As you can see, the project has a great future, because we all have to store valuables. And the services offered by the MySAFE project are the best that can be found in the modern market of services. Personally, I will participate in the project. And you will store the values ​​in MySAFE?
AUTHOR: Vionaa
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